Law of Attraction

My weekend been disastrous as I mentioned in the earlier post. Well at the same time, I’ve been practicing to concentrate on what I want which is so damn hard to concentrate when there is still doubt lingers in your mind. It was a miserable weekend (exception to the night time & that’s another story. ROFL) for me as I have to battle with my mind, acting positive to everyone at home when I’m not in the mood to be nice etc.

Just now when I was chatting with my girlfriend in MSN, my mom yelled my name from the kitchen & said my dad wants to say something to me. Guess he give me a green light to do what I want & he will not force me to do things. Well, I’m so grateful that they can understand that now it’s time for me to decide everything for myself & not them to decide things for me. I hope that’s the case here & it will be applicable to other situations in the future.

Anyway, I believe that all the things i projected to the universe & the universe reacting back to what I wish for by concentrating on what I want. Well, I seek help from The Secret & Law of Attraction books & I guess it works! I will continue practicing the secret for other good stuff as well & recommend it to my friends.

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