‘Round Midnight

I did nothing constructive today nor mind-stimulated exercise such as reading. I have yet to finish reading the Law of Attraction book & practice the steps. Ah! Another day wasted by playing online games. LOL.

I have just created new page here called Photo-blog. I put some of the photos that I like. I need to learn more on the style of photography & how to edit photos. So don’t expect those photos to be super-good from me. I need to learn moreee!

Most of the photos taken from either my digital camera or my camera phone. So, yep it’s a bit un-professional shots & some are not crystal clear. Do give feedback on how I can improve.

Surprisingly, I received email from Digi CEO regarding my comment on his recent article published in the local newspaper. I didn’t expect any feedback from my long-winded & somehow, gibberish comment. The article was about changing mindset & how little thing we do, without realizing why are we doing it because it is normal to do so. ha, ha. Anyway, I can’t wait for the next article!

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