I survived the first day, barely.

Finally, day that I have been counting, arrived. I thought I would wake up early with a smile on my face & looking forward for the new experiences etc but I end up waking up with the thought of, ‘oh no, I gotta go to work today!’ & laugh at myself. LOL.

Luckily, I woke up extremely early today & managed to get ready before 7 am (before 7.15 am to be exact, ha ha). I had my breakfast at home & start moving to work around 7.20 am. Shoot. I thought that area would be havoc as it is an industrial area. I ended up being so, so early as I arrived around 7.30 am. Ha. ha. Lesson learned! I can even start driving from home around 7.30 am or even 7.40 am.

I thought I would be the only one reporting in today but I was wrong. Another two newcomers reporting duty today too. The guy & me will be in the EIA division while the other girl would be posted in the monitoring & audit division. Lucky her, she got someone to mentor her etc while me & the guy has to report straight to the big boss as the former employees resigned last week. So, there are only the big boss, me & the guy that will handle the EIAs. Great. Some more the guy is bio-diversity & conservation & might not be that familiar with the EIA so I got to help him understanding the process & terms. Not that I’m an expert, I, too struggling to digest the EIA report the whole day today.

She sort of assigned me to prepare for my first project. That would be a quarry in nearby area. I got to start reading up on quarry, asking around & planning ahead. They bought the plan already today & I think they did the Scoping Note to be submitted to the EPD.

Hopefully I can do more useful task tomorrow; ask around more. Today, they were SUPER busy because they need to submit another report. So yeah, I kinda freaked out to see them being SO SO busy because few weeks from now, I would be like them.

So wish me luck & I will try to maintain my high spirit level of working. I’ll blog again later. Need to take shower & I’m having headache that I need to get rid of it right now.

(2 hours later)

Hey, It’s not that bad actually! I basically know the format of the report, which project fall under which schedule; whether it is a prescribed activities yada yada. Though I know roughly of everything but hey, don’t expect me to know every LITTLE details on the report. Some chapters are too technical (hey, don’t blame me if i can’t differentiate between Granodiorite & Granophyre. I’m not a geologist, mind you!) but I do know if these rocks eroded by the rainfall & some are acidic, it will decrease the pH of the river if there is runoff from the quarry site to the nearby water body. Possible of affecting the flora & fauna of the water body as well as it is not fit for consumption at the downstream. so, yeah.

Perhaps I stressed myself out today (Just like I normally do before exams). So I shall stay cool & open up my mind to new things tomorrow. Yep. Sounds like a good plan.

After CNY, I might start going to the site which involves jungle trekking, mount climbing, 4WD adventures, chasing people for maps, plans & even a yelling from the boss. Goody! I can’t wait! ROFL.

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