3rd day of the new life

The third day, I become more relax & casual with colleagues in the office. Well, particularly to my assistant & the girls from the other division as well. We talked & joked around a lot too. I helped the other girl to troubleshoot her computer connection but the cable seems to be the problem. ha.ha. 

Things that I learned today: how to handle photocopy & fax machines. LOL. Even though I got a fax machine at home, but I don’t really bother to learn how to use it. I learned the process of the EIA too; what kind of letter shall I send to the EPD, the client etc, number of copies & so on. I learned the other division task as well. Theirs job looks more fun than me. Monthly or quarter yearly they have to go to the site & bring back qualitative or quantitative samples & the make report out of it.

My nature of work would be more into making report, chasing client for project plan & other details, site assessment & even socio-economic survey. Argh. On top of that, EIA supposed to be a group project; it means that a few experts in different field will make the report (i.e. Biologist, Socio-Economist, Geologist and any other expertise depending on the project). The assistant told me just now, in this firm, those executive assigned to that project will do the WHOLE report. I was like, OMFG! 1 EIA report is like 1 Thesis project. AND I have to do at least 4 projects in a year! SO, 4 F-in’ thesis-like report I got to do! Argh! Sounds F-U-N.

Anyway, my first project scoping note send to the EPD today. I didn’t do the Scoping note though. But I did compiled it & draft the Terms of Reference for the project since I don’t know what else to do in the office. I did help d monitoring division to bind etc their report to submit today to the EPD too.

Othe than that, I managed to download MSN live to my computer. LOL. They put some restriction to connect to the net by one of my colleague managed to pass the password to me. *grin*

That’s all happening today in my new life. Well, I’ll update again real soon.
To people around the world, Happy new year! *gonq xi, gong xi* 🙂

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