I choose challenge over stability. Is that a good choice?

Okay. It may not a good choice but I believe this is what I want to do in life. What others wants from me or expected from me, i got to leave it behind & start moving towards what i want in life. I can’t live in others dreams. i got to live on my own dreams & ambition, right?

The fact that expectation & hopes pressuring me these few days. Some more my hormones reacting as well. It’s like synergistic. My mood was terribly horrible. Sour face the whole day. Locked myself in the room & refused to talk to anyone because I can’t do things that I want. Why? Because in their eyes, I’m still a child. Yeah, I do act like one sometime but I’m an adult now. Letting go is the hardest part for them. I understand.

But I got to break free too! I will. Trust me. I will.

I came across one movie that makes me realize that I’m attracting more of the unwanted things by saying ‘No, I don’t want to do this, etc’. So instead of saying I don’t want, i should move to what I want to achieve & start wishing, believing & acting to it. This is called shifting the concentration of wanting what you want from wanting what you don’t want. Attracting thing you wanted & at the same time the things you do not want will not get attracted by you.

So yeah. Im projecting all the positive thoughts on what I want to the universe now 🙂

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