Support local product!

Yes, I’ve said it. The fact that I’ll be starting with a humble fixed income & I doubt that I’ll be able to control my purchasing plus other expenses (i.e. 1L=RM1.9; food; constant visit for my caramel machianto; yada yada). I’m currently thinking of how am I going to handle my financial & still able to save some every month. 🙂

Anyway, I went out with Jessie yesterday. She picked me up & we headed to the postgraduate centre in the local university because she needs to register for this new semester. Then we headed to the City Mall to try out something different to eat. When we reached there, the Japanese restaurant closed! dang! In the end we ate at the fast food & cursing about it. We should just go to the Warisan as there would be more variety there.

Anyway, after quick lunch, trying out some donuts and sipping latte & talk for hours, we drove to another new mall that I never been to; the new Asia City. We went there to buy my work attire & checking out shops. Sadly, I think 70% of the shops there are still empty w/o any tenants. I can see there is a couple of new shops such as Lewre which having like 50% sale until CNY! But, they only have the last seasons which explains the 50% discount. LOL.

I managed to squeeze in a greyish stripes of sweater that I bought from another local (but trying to look international with pan-Asian as their model, you know which one I’m talking about) store for yes, another 50% discount. So instead of paying for 109RM, I bought it for 54.9RM. LOL.

I feel like shopping again. ah. I just hope Raoul will open their stores in KK. and Forever 21 too. and Zara. and Robinson. and ISetan. and Gucci. and Armani Exchange. and sooo many moreeee. I miss shopping! seriously. and I need that cashmere sweater from Zara. argh! In the mean time, I have to shop locally.

P/s: ah… i need my dose of godiva. I’m having lindt now. hmmm.

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