Keeping one’s fingers crossed

I just came back from the job interview. Well, nothing much to be said here just that (refer to this blog post title) X= ! Ha.ha.

Anyway, I thought I overdressed but when I think back, well, I’m being so clean & formal. Isn’t that the future employer want to see in you?

Even my mom asked my why do you dress like a lawyer? I just kept quiet. Not like a lawyer. dang! I wore a long sleeve shirt with knee length black skirt and a black shoes. OK. The shoes may made me look too formal though. It’s a shiny pointed tip, solid black with 3 inches heels. So, yeah. I wore my normal (untrimmed) hair, put some eyeliner & mascara & my rosy lipgloss. and walla! me!

When I entered the office, the girl asked me to wait for the boss because she’s not clock in yet & asked me to write an essay on topics related with the environment. The essay should be no less than 50 words.

At first I kind of blank & don’t know what to write about it. I sat next to the guy; I guess he’s the office guy or something like that. Chatted with him & he said to write anything you can think of. He said the boss only want to see what you think of the environment.

So I wrote, about the environment then. I started off with.. Environment. We live in one. We die in one. Bla bla… I relate it with the case of the Easter Island people where when we do not take good care of our place, environmental degradation will happen & eventually lead to societal collapse. OK. This is from the case study of The Easter Island. It is one of my favorite book, Collapse by Jared Diamond. I ended the essay with everyone is responsible in taking care of our homes so that it stays in equilibrium. LOL. Kill me! for writing such a crappy essay.

Perhaps I should put more bombastic terms that people always use such as Sustainable Development, ecological footprint and some others. Hmmm… but then I want it to make it more like me. Like the words come from my heart instead just to impress people with those bombastic terms.

Anyway, I think I got advantages & some disadvantages too. First, I do have the right qualification for the post, I know roughly what is EIA all about. So, that’s a plus point there. 2nd, I’m a Sabahan, I do have driver’s license & a car. I live nearby the office too. I know how to use ArcGIS and other GIS softwares. Another plus point there. She asked me about my parents too. Well if they need link to get projects, it will become easier if I’m there. I guess. I do plenty of research too. When she asked about me not familiar with the 2-tier environmental department here; I told her I’ve been reading about the state enactment etc from the EPD websites. Another plus point. And I told her I managed to see projects from their company listed in the Terms of reference (TOR) for projects. I did asked her how they can managed to get job done for all the projects done when they only have a handful of staff. She told me that they needed more environmental engineer/executive to do that. Somehow they can not cope with the projects.

When she asked me on my plus & minus point, I told her that when I do work I make sure it is done before the deadline etc. My minus point would be that I might be hard in understand things in the beginning but when I understand it, I should be able to do work as expected. So, yeap.

Another setback is that I’m a fresh graduates. So I definitely be in lacking of experiences. She told me too that after 2 years I might be registered as Environmental Consultant. So, great. I want to be one

Anyway, enough about me. I got to get rid of the eyeliner & mascara.


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