Typical me!

Well, though I have grown so much in the past 4 years but something about me that still unchanged. I’m an altruist. I want to be egoist; I tried to in the past 4 years but I still can’t change that. I just came back from one of the nearby mall to get something for someone.

My intention is good. I want to create that moment of happiness receiving something. Though the receiver may not know who the sender is, doesn’t care who the hell the sender is, or boost about it with the colleague, or even look down and ignore the intention of the sender; I still feel satisfied of giving something.

It may look negative at one point but I personally feel that one tiny moment of receiving with a smile etc is all I need. I don’t ask to be credited or even saying ‘thank you’. I don’t need all that.

I don’t even care if it doesn’t mean a thing to the receiver. Loathe it, throw is away, give it to other people etc. I don’t care. I don’t even ask the receiver to remember it for the rest of the life or even for a ‘day’.

I just hope that the act of giving will put a smile on someone face & that person feels appreciated.

That’s all I’m hoping for. Nothing more, nothing less.

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