Unfinished task

It’s been a gloomy day today. Monday started with cloudy & drizzling at noon until now. I’ve been lazing around the room too. Nothing much happening today. Had a very hectic weekend though. Met a couple of people on Saturday & Sunday. He,he.

My Saturday started off by meeting friend in Starbucks Amcorp. Talked & had my toffee nut latte (again!). ha.ha. Soon after that, I rushed of to the town to meet another fella at the Pavilion KL. Owh, he’s the one I talked about on the previous post. Had another Starbucks moment at Bintang Walk before off to the Pavilion GSC. We watched Unrest movie (sort of horror) but actually it wasn’t that scary enough & I don’t understand the movie though. I mean, at the end of the movie you would ask ‘what the hell?’.

Anyway. Back to the Saturday adventure; we then went to zouk. (not partying, for some job needs to be done, duh!). haha.

(2 days later)

OK. I’m too lazy to finish up this post. So, that’s it.

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