The great one

This post dedicated to the great one. I’ve known the great one for almost 5 years. The great one taught me a lot about life; things that the great one feel I should improve, help me to look into world in the more variety point of view & help me to open up my mind to so many things & opportunities.

I already miss the great one. I’m terribly going to miss having 15 minutes away from the great one.

It’s almost midnight when I’m writing this & seriously, I’m crying like a river.

I have found the one I can cling to, the one I can fight with & the one I can talk to. The great one is more that anything to me. The great one has been & always been my greatest friend ever & I will never ever going to forget the great one.

There is so much to talk & to remember about the great one that I can not really jot down everything here. There are no words that can perfectly describe on how I felt after these years.

But everything is still fresh in my memory. I will treasure it for the rest of my life.

I have met the nicest soul ever in this life & I’m grateful to god for giving me a chance to met the great one. I’m praying everyday to god for good health & happier future for the great one. The great one deserved heaven for all the good things the great one shared with me.

I’m crying now not because I think it’s over. I’m crying for reminiscing memories for the past few years since Labuan days until up to this day I’m in KL.

I want to stop the time but I can’t. I got to move on. I need to go to the next stage of my life. The great one believes that I will have a good life in the future. I should start believing that too.

When I got out of the car; I refused to say goodbye. I don’t say good-bye.
I say good night.

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