How to start a new day

argh. I’m tired.
Ways to start the day: call a singapore number which roaming in KL.
Great. There goes my prepaid credit. Lucky I’m not using my maxis postpaid; if not my dad SO gonna kill me!

Besides, international calls getting cheaper. he,he.

Anyway, some of the results for my finals came out; i got an A for environmental topics & Environmental Audit & an A- for Advanced Ecology. Im currently waiting for 2 more results namely Ecophysiology of Marine Organisms & Environmental Geology.
So far, i got 2 As & an A-. *sob sob* A- spoils my chances of getting four flat.

Oh well, cest la vie. I should be grateful that i got As so far (though one of it is A-). Yes people said it doesn’t matter. An A- is still an A. YES, IT IS. But its not 4.0 kind of A. It is 3.7 kind of A. There is a difference of 0.3!! gosh.

Ok fine i should be grateful. I wasn’t expected to get A- for Advanced Ecology as i screwed terribly on the finals. You see, I answered question on the essence of universe & the buildings of the universe for the essay questions. I did not dare to answer the question on evolution. Since I pronounced myself in the class that im a ‘materialist’ which come to the understanding that those materialist will eventually be ‘atheist’; so the class tagged me as an atheist in the class. And half of the class come from this Islamic religious academy (soft of faculty) major. If i answered question on evolution; which I am slightly bending to the evolutionist thinking rather than the creationist thinking; I think I can not score with the arguement. I can’t find good arguement to counter claim the claim made by the creationist.

SO i chose the question on the topic matter; perception or reality. I prepard a very comprehensive arguementative with very solid evidence & prove using the quantum physics & all that. In the other words, I’m trying to impress the lecturer with different kind of arguement instead of just using his lecture notes to answer to that question.

So I’ve been reading a lot of quantum mechanics, hologram, etc on the e-journals, articles, NewScientists etc before the paper. and guess what? The question asked me to provoke that statement, matter is just a mere perception, not reality. what the ?
I prepared my arguement supporting the statement; which the lecturer more than happy to share his thoughts on the subject matter & trashing & questioning the materialist arguement!

So my hologram & quantum mechanics answer can not be used to contradict that statement. So, i feel doomed answering to that question. I question back all the arguement meant to support that statement. I personally feel that my answer to that question were not strong enough to deny the statement.

Second question asking about the big bang; to prove this theory acceptable (fell asleep, *snore. lol)

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