Mission Accomplished


May 1, 2005. 8.50pm.

Circles-Mariah Carey.

Phew, its been like years since i post somethin’ here. Haha. Told ya i cant really blog everyday.

Its just not possible. im controlled by my mood; If im in bad mood or in mood to talk to someone (and no one’s around) and when im lazy, huhu, i’ll blog. But if im in mood for other things, i wont blog. ahaha.  

Anyway, its been a tiring week; why? because of my cousin’s wedding was held in my house. Its just a simple, malay wedding. not grander or not less than simple. lol.

lets just say that i involved in every part ; from the engagement until the wedding dinner. haha. okay; im not in mood to go to every details on what has happened before, during or after the wedding.Image958

Lets just say its been a good experience, i enjoy everything and all my relatives came over my hse; some staying back and all. haha.

and, those pelamin. harharhar. i made it ;p

its just aImage985 simple, last mins, 3am creations. check out d picture here =)

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