Birthday alert!


May2,2005. 1.49pm

Goin’ crazy-Natalie

Happy birthday to my dearest emily! HOpe she’s having a blast in Oz rite now, hehe =Luvgirlsp) And, thanks to maselight for giving me d url to create my own south park character. harharhar. me, with pink and purple, holding a cup of coffee, a handbag and shawl- that is SO like me. ahaks.

Nothing much happening today, just chillin’ at home ( well, thats wut i’ve been doing since holidays started).

Honestly, this majoring thing really worries me; since im 1000 miles away frm the campus and that they gonna paste the list of students according to the major they got at the notice board in the faculty. hmmm. maybe i should ask my friend there to check it for me =)

Just for a reminder; i’ve got another 2 months b4 classes start. hmmm 2months?

I’ve been reading The notebook and The Wedding by Nicholas Spark, and honestly, its really a touching story ( for those who are a love story addict; you’ll cry when you read these books! really! ) esp the notebook; its like a celebration of how passion can be ageless and timeless; and to believe in true love all over again. Its so hard to find these in real life. its just up to us to find it or to appreciate on what we got.

And The Wedding is just a continuation of the notebook; its about how the wife is fallen out of love with the husband and the husband is trying to make her fall is love with her husband again. There’s a twist that pulls everything together and makes you glad you read this. Really.

Think i’ll buy some more books to kill time. i dont feel like finding a job or anything; just want to read. hehe.

btw, Mng gonna open another store in Palm Sq. Hooray!! =)

and, have you check out their latest summer 05 collection? ;p

i’ll blog l8r ,ciao.

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  1. maseLIGHT says:

    *rofl. hehehe did u saw my other character at my photo album? *rofl 😀 *lmao~ u’re a pink freak like my sis?!

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