Still crawling

1.23am.April14. Karma-Alicia Keys OMG. just checked my result. darn. i got all Bfor my biology’s paper.And, surprisingly i didnt fail my chemisty! gosh, im totally scared im gonna flunk that paper. lucky im not! =)And, enuff said. btw. i got A for my stewpid titas2 paper. sigh.

Guava Juice

9.54pm.April12. Close to you- Carpenters I am full n contented. i need a new adventure. =) ciao

Fly like a bird?

1.30am.April10 Love will lead you back- Taylor Dayne My room PHew, such a long day today. haha. My cousins and aunt were just leaving my hse. we were making this door gift for d wedding. aw, really tiring and sleepy. My good fren in Johore msged me just now asking for a favor. She’s asking…

Wedding Planner

12.47am. April9. Jolin- Prague Sq. My room Phew, my cousin’s wedding in 2 weeks time and im one of those in charge of the decorating. haha. and the Akad would be in my house.Me? as a decorator. lol. i had Nooooo idea how to do that. okay, i watched a lot of these show that…

This is my current affairs :p

2.09pm Girl- Destiny’s Child My room Okay, this is freaking me out. sooner or later friendster gonna rule d world. gosh, wonder when they’ll open up a fast food chain or a hypermarket after this blog, chat, photo album bla bla. haha. and, this would be my, hmm zillionth attempt to keep posting DAILY or…