Fly like a bird?



Love will lead you back- Taylor Dayne

My room

PHew, such a long day today. haha. My cousins and aunt were just leaving my hse. we were making this door gift for d wedding. aw, really tiring and sleepy.

My good fren in Johore msged me just now asking for a favor. She’s asking me to check her results in UTM website since all the internet centre around her hostel is closed. hmmm not bad, she got an A for her statistic. gosh, i wonder what i got for my biostatistics. C perhaps? sigh. Im totally spent all my time studying that subjects since that would affect my cgpa. hmmm. Tough.

Talking to her ( i mean msg-ing ;p) reminds me of my ol’ gym day, in midvalley. hahaha one malay personal trainer  that trying too hard to hit on me. *wink.

so what else i can do than flirting back. LOL! Gosh, he got this hot body with those 6pack under those uniform ( their uniform is sponsored by adidas anyway). lol ;p BUt, so sad. won’t see him anymore. sob sob. Cuz im not in KL for d next few months and im not going to that gym anymo’. not that they’r sucks or anything; its just that i dont think i have that amount of time to spend in midvalley; i dont know how my second year schudule would be- more credit hrs, more practical in the lab etc.

OMG. Did i just say that i will be a second year student next semester?

It feels that its just yesterday that im in AllSaints. And Labuan. hmmm.

so, next year i will  be a final year student? And hopefully if i can finished up my 108credit hrs and when im just 22y.o i’ll be a graduate? Then what’s next? work? Aw. Scary.

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