Wedding Planner


12.47am. April9.

Jolin- Prague Sq.

My room

Phew, my cousin’s wedding in 2 weeks time and im one of those in charge of the decorating. haha. and the Akad would be in my house.Me? as a decorator. lol. i had Nooooo idea how to do that. okay, i watched a lot of these show that discuss abt wedding and stuff and went thru lots i mean lots of websites on decoration ( i even went to d vera wang website-haha i just love d wedding gown) and all but hey, its not an english wedding; its a Malay wedding ceremony. aiyo. so, my only source to get all the idea’s frm my mom mags. sigh.

and, my cousin planned to get all my family to wear blue! hey, blue is not my favourite color; and yes, i don’t even have a single blue kurong or kebaya or wutsoever. there’s only REd, purple, black, white and pink in my wardrobe. hahaha.

And, tomorrow. i don’t know what  else im gonna do to kill time =)

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