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Okay, this is freaking me out. sooner or later friendster gonna rule d world. gosh, wonder when they’ll open up a fast food chain or a hypermarket after this blog, chat, photo album bla bla. haha.

and, this would be my, hmm zillionth attempt to keep posting DAILY or weekly blog. hahaha. livejournal n xanga; i dont even remember my password, and the latest; blogdrive- way toooooo lazy to update it. ;p

ghez, wonder if i can keep up with this one too! haha.

Anyway, im on my hoooooliday. hihihih. its 4 months bebeh and  im doing every single thing that a lazy bum would do. laze around bla bla.

And, im totally pissed off with my 2nd semester result ( got my cgpa unofficially from one site; which every single  UM student knows that, haha). And guess what? i will never majoring in what i want. sigh. life’s suck. And what makes it so sad, i worked my butt off everything; yes, and no late nite bangsar hangout, no tv, no live performances, no holidays for the whole semester just because i want to push up d pointer and sad to say, luck doesnt stay with me. sigh. nvm.

Life’s goes on anyway. I’ll take anything that they’ll give me. Except if they give me a major in Maths or Physics; Im  totally gonna kill every single staff in the Science Faculty. haha.

And for this holiday, im trying to improve on my stroke; im totally sucked at backstroke and still; after 3 months weight lifting my arms is still weak. so hopefully tennis will solve this problem. My PT (stands for Personal Trainer; He’s hot! ;p haha) said that my whole torso is totally weak. And after watching Oprah this morning, i think i have this genes problem; not that im obese but what it means by genes problem is my body’s prone to store more fats. So i need to burn it up everyday and if i dont, i can gain about a few pounds in a week. gosh, too much genetics involved in my life. Hey, Im on holiday, why should i think about all these genetics stuff anyway. haha.

I saw a very cute Pink treadmill in one of the shop here; and its only 140! times 12. duh.

I’ll write later. =)

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