I was in Penang 2 weeks before Singapore. Haha.

It was, a food trip. And. We ate, and ate. Let the photos explain everything.

We started off with mee sotong at padang kota

And also, coconut shake.

We check-in into this hostel at the end of the road. First time am in the mixed-dorm.

Briyani claypot at kapitan

A visit to china-house

And Sekeping Victoria

We had breakfast at Roti Canai Jalan Argyll. My first time here, and oh my. Roti and chicken is amazingly delicious !!! 

The we walk to the famous cendol

We drop by wheeler’s coffee for a.. coffee 

Pasembor at Padang Kota Lama. 

Then off we go to Balik Pulau for the Laksa Janggus!! 

Drove to ferringhi beach for a sunset 

Dinner at the line clear. First time here as well. Well, overrated i must say.

Morning at Sekeping Victoria again. For coffee.

And, China House again for cakes.

And.. last pit-stop, nasi ketam at Juri before driving back to KL.

It was, a 2days, 1night trip. Phew.

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