Discovering Bali

Sorry for the last post. I supposed to work on my Bali journey travelogue, and I just updating you guys on what’s inside of my head instead of what I have seen.

My first attempt to go to Bali, Indonesia was 5 years ago, in between semester, during my internship in one of the landscape architecture company in Kuala Lumpur. It was rather unpleasant experience where the boss of the company said, sure.. you go ahead and go for your trip during internship but don’t bother to come back to this company.

It was cruel, because I apply, and trying to negotiate to replace the one week off with extended internship. But, no. I was given the black face by the employer and his wife. As if I made the company losing millions of jobs for my absence. To hell with you guys.

Anyway, old story.

Let’s get back to the dreamy Bali. It was my first solo travel. Not really first, I have done solo travelling to Singapore (rolls eyes, Singapore is so near, you could say) and exploring Germany and Amsterdam on my own (although I was in a group travel, but I move around alone).

It was a 4 days trip. I though I would just stay at Kuta and Jimbaran but throughout that entire 4 days, I managed to visit Ubud and Uluwatu as well.

I started off my  journey by staying at Ayana. Oh gosh. A total luxury. I paid HEFTY price for it just because I want to be in the priority guest access to the Rock Bar, Ayana. Yes, the FAMOUS BAR on top of rocks facing the Indian Ocean. Amazing View. Amazing wave. but Sunset?? Tanjung Aru, Kota Kinabalu and Karambunai sunset is WAY WAY BETTER than there.

Seriously. *Proud* Sabahan.

The resort is beautifully, landscaped. Resort feeling. Duh. It is a resort. With LOTSA water feature.

A pulley elevator that brings guest to the rock bar

Ya, this is the one. I get priority access, means I can jump queue. Oceanic infinity pool. It’s at all over the travel magazines and landscape architecture books. New rock back extension. Those who can sit at the newest addition of rock facing is solely for villa guests. sob sob.

Tit-bit, you have to order something here right. Besides, am famished. It’s a 3-hours flight. Another view of the restaurant surrounded by water feature, and lush green and flowers.Coconut for breakfast anyone?Breakfast spread was AMAZING. DOT.

Dinner is expensive, but you are at the hundred of acres of land where to go out will take i-dont-know-how-many-hours. So dine in. I ordered some chicken something. Its indonesian cuisine.View from the rock bar.

View from THE rock bar. Resort guest only access!! I have to take a selfie with this. Even though I suck at taking selfie. Oceanic pool in the morning. It is so serene. Look at the splash of the wave. OMG i am totally terrified by it. 

Of turf greens and walkwayChildren pool, slides and sort.

Must have the Balinese statue.

Another pool view. 

Another oceanic pool view from the top

it’s terrace planting. With frangipani.

i rather be lucky, because they upgraded me to the suites with garden access. So basically, I have 2 balconies !!

After a night at dreamy Jimbaran, I shifted to Kuta. I booked Four Points by Sheraton via SPG app, since I am a member. And I get the good rate and perks.

The best to describe Bali is, frangipani and vernonia is EVERYWHERE.

Tour table reservation. Pretty nice interior.Steps with timber.I got the lagoon access room !! 

Chilling at sheraton, at sunset kuta. Not bad. Okay. its sun. set.

Sheraton pool view. No, I didn’t stay here. It’s expensive, and am running out of budget. I splurge at Jimbaran, it’s time to cut down.

Beachwalk with vernonia. everywhereeeeee

Sa limps hard rock sajaaaa

Walking around Kuta, on foot. Alone. Some of the graffiti near four point. 

Since am travelling alone, and it seems that they can’t accept lone traveller in a group tour, or i have to pay for 2pax to join. Which is unfair. So the tour desk at four point suggested me to rent a car with a driver, and I can create my own journey. Here it is. 

Throughout my entire stay in Kuta, I room-dine in. Because I get discount. 

View from my lagoon access room !!


I”ll write again about my journey to Ubud in another post!

Kuta and Jimbaran has been amazing! But I don’t like the flocking of tourist. Oh well, this s’bali’, Duh.


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