A progress

I feel uneasy. Just because am too comfortable to where I am now, I started to think about, am I at the correct path? Will i still survive if I ditch this path of my life now. Will I rise greater than I am now, if i am taking chances?

It scare the hell out of me. I am in that path again.

Should I move to better, and hopefully greener path of life? Or should I stay, where I am now and …

I think because of the stress at the back of my mind, I got headache the whole day today.

Yes, passion and the drive to achieve better, even without support and morale is noble enough to impress anyone. But, passion wear out. I need at least a pat in my back and to hear, good job. I am proud of your progress. Once a while.

I am invisible now. I am a lone ranger. I thrive well in isolation. I love isolation, and I shy away from drama and political situation. But, one got to be ego and narcissist once a while right? Then why they create competition, achievement award? Man always been gear up toward the survival of the fittest, the one to be called number one in the industry, instead of being just at the sideline.

I am currently at the sideline. I want to be at the top again. I want to be the fittest among all.

I am greedy, yes. I am greedy for a progress in life.


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