Hobson’s choice

Going older gets you to think more of the risk, of the consequences, or the responsibilities more than you’ll ever think of when you were in your 20s. It’s always been a carpe diem for me when I was in my 20s, I’ll strive for what I aim for, I go for that I plan of. Come 30s, you will have to start thinking, will this path will destroy or reshuffle what you have been building on these few years? Will you be in financial-worry-phase again? How about your 401K plan, will it be affected by that? IF i move to another city, or country, will that plan to buy a home at Mont Kiara becoming redundant?

Gosh. So many things to consider about when you want to relocate. And when you thinking of moving back for good, you’ll wonder, will i rot in here? What about my plan to explore the world? Died because I have to move back and receive half of the paycheque than here because nobody can afford to pay me that much there? So, lifestyle and cost of living back to square one? I don’t want my life to go backwards. I want to go forward. I have done a lot, sacrifice a lot, cried a lot, only to go back to where I start?

This is hard. I don’t even know what to do, or what to say now. I love my life here in KL, but job is a little bit crappy right now, but that’s the whole fucking working life- I have to get used to it though. Even if i move, it will be the ‘same shit, just difference places’, isn’t it?

So, I am in dilemma. These are Hobson’s choice i have to make.

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