Phew, it was another sporty night after work today. I recently join the office weekly badminton play and today i brought my tennis racquets too as there are 2 tennis court just outside the badminton hall.

As usual, am suck at badminton. I implement forehand and backhand to the game when you can just play with your wrist. I lock my wrist LOL.

It was funny though. However, i did play around and hitting the tennis ball at the training wall. Oh boy, am rusty but i still got it. My swing are perfect, backhand and slicing are good. Its just that i have to be careful with volley.

Gosh, i missed tennis so much. I never knew until am holding back the racquet. Am in the look for playing tennis, practising. Am looking for tennis partner that can play around Mont Kiara/ Jalan Duta/ KLGCC. Please holler me if you are interested in a tennis match with me.

Oh perhaps, i should get back to getting a coach to polish my strokes? Any suggestion? Am new in the KL-tennis-world.

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