Wanderlust 2016

Okay. I have yet to write my journey to Amsterdam and Japan, and am already taking a mental-planning on Wanderlust 2016. I thought I am going to slow down, due to the current economic situation but mind always wander further than the rational can catch up on.

So, last weekend, it was decided that among my high school mates, KL gang group, that we are going to Cambodia to visit another guy working there. Yep. One of the place which is near to KL and cheaper, and yet, I have yet to set foot in there is the Angkor Wat. So, mid-May, I will be exploring Siem Reap, Phnom Penh, and also Koh Rong and Koh Rong Sanloem (if time permitted). This going to be excited. Ah.

Second, I got a call from another friend that recently won 2 airasia tickets to Macau, and asking me whether I’ll be interested in joining her. To the point of free tickets at any time of the year, I say yes! So it is decided that we will be flying to Macau during chinese new year for 6 days/5 nights trip. I have been to Macau-Hong Kong before for 10 days trip, but, I don’t mind going there again. Maybe I will look differently of the city, and maybe catch up with the attraction or historical value area that I don’t get a chance to visit.

Third, my annual going back to KK for trail run. This time, instead of joining TMBT, I am joining BUTM. BUTM stands for Borneo Ultra Trail Marathon, going to be held this coming June 2015 as remembering the devestating earthquake happened this year. Hence, the race is on month of June. 

So there. 3 trips so far, and i promised another group of friends for girls trip to Lombok, Indonesia. 

My goodness. That’s four (4) trips so far. 

… To be continued

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