Crossfit & Huckleberry

It may not be the best ‘feature post’ of the abovementioned post title but heck, i scribble things here, not a so-called professional blogger who get paid for featuring business outlets.

Flip hair.

It’s saturday and i decided to drag my arse off bed after an early friday night. I hop in bed at 7pm last night and binge-watching Fargo until season 1 finale. LOL. Before that i pack some whooper set from the nearest burger king. Not my style of lazing around but i just feel like having, fries.

So, this morning. 9.30am at Damansara Heights. I was greeted by the ever lovely, and friendly coach. This is my first real crossfit class. I’ve seen familiar faces like azri n zul, and new strong lady jules. She probably a regular, and am new btw. LOL.

So, i stetch and warm-up to a 10x 3 bar roller, 20 x2 knee thingy and 3×10 of jump squat.

Then the WOD start. It’s


Clean & jerk

Handstand push up

.. and




I completed in 12mins at minimal weight 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Beginner remember? 😄

Anyway, here i am at Huckleberry, savouring my flat white and sugar high cinnamon roll. 

I need to do grocery. But i don’t have money.


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