SCKLM 2015 (Cancelled)

It was such a let down, when am anticipating for my only half marathon this year, and guess what? The event organizer decided to cancel the event because of the deteriorating air quality in Kuala Lumpur. I think it reach unhealtht/almost hazardous level yesterday and today. 

This picture was taken yesterday morning, around 10-ish am when am on my way to Pavilion KL. It was such a gloomy saturday. 

And this was taken today, earlier, around 8am at Dataran Merdeka. I was there to collect all my entitlement. 

Yep, we collected the medal and the bananas and whatnot.

Run for a reason, for me, is to run for better fitness. But if am running in a haze, well the run doesn’t serve the purpose isnt it.

Honda HM, supposed to be my second HM for SCKLM.

And we did the jump shot 

Well for the sake of participants, officials n volunteers health, the event organizer made the right decision, and i will definitely understand that. I have ran in the thick smog/haze condition at Shah Alam last year and i suffered. I dont want to go through that again. 

No worries, will definitely register for SCKLM 2016! Till then.

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