SCKLM 2015

Today workout was an easy one. Coach fayzal started with stretching and sort. He demonstrated different type of plank, squat, push-up. Sumo squat, one-legged squat, explosive push-up, push-up plank slide down and up, gymnastic plank etc. 

and then, he explained and demonstrated on the phylometric jump box. We did a small workout by jumping 3 times, and 2 burpees. 5 burpees for men, and try to calm us down every minute. We did that for like 10 times, 10 minutes. Am not even sweating today but by end of d workout, I did continuous burpees 5 times without stopping. And that’s my little achievement ! Bravo. 

Oh and there will be a standard Chartered KL Marathon this weekend.  Going to be my third participation. I started with 10k, HM last year which I screwed up because I did back-to-back with BSN Night Marathon. It’s going to be my first HM this year. Collected the race pack, and am not ready for run. Oh well. 

Let’s hope for the haze to go away, and my metabolism to kick-in. Amen. 

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