Keria kueh

This would be my first post on preparing dishes or savoury. I cooked almost everyday, and am eating at home most of the time now. Since i got my own kitchen, i’ve cooked steam fish, fried fish, curry, tomyam, asam pedas, mac & cheese, pasta,  grilled sirloin steak, salmon, made that banana with coconut thingy, fried rice, char kuey teow, and many more.

But, today after making fish asam pedas johor for lunch, i feel like i want to eat something sweet. Definitely not cake but sinde i got lotsa sweet potatoes here, i decided to make kuih keria.

I have never made keria before in my life. I don’t recall my mom preparing that at home too. So i take the leap of faith, and do it. I read thr recipe from the internet and trying my best to make it to my portion (i only have 2 sweet potatoes in red).

So, i boil the sweet potatoes until it gets soft, cool it down, and squash it.

Then i put wheat flour to the potatoes so that i can mould it to a size of a tennis ball. Squeeze it, and make a hole to it.

I, then fried the keria until it turns orangy/brown.

Next, is to coat it with sugar and water. I take few spoonful of brown sugar and water to a pan, and let it thicken. Once the sugar water thicken, i put all the keria into the pan and flip it until the sugar water even on thr surface of the keria.

And tadaa. Serve with hot coffee, for tea time.   

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