I met Maya last night. She’s adorable, 4 years old with brown eyes, fair skin, aryan-feature with a big smile as mine. She wore a flowery dress with a ribbon tying her soft, fine hair.

She’s my only girl. I never seen anyone so vividly in my dreams as she appeared last night. She’s so fond and so manja that I have to carry her everywhere.

Why am i dreaming of having a baby girl? Well in the dream, am the single mother. The sexy single mother with a cute daughter. We were happy together, just the two of us until we bumped into the couple friends from Penang that suddenly recognize me & the strong feature from Maya’s face. They knew straight away on who is the other half blood of Maya.
I was so scared that, She will be taken away from me. To reveal & to know the truth, and to create bond with her other half blood.

She is full of life, full of light. I love her dearly, I would do anything for her. That is the overwhelmed feeling I got waking up from the dream. My chest is full with emotion, and I almost crying as everything feels surreal and i remember every little detail when I woke up.

Oh, Maya. You have appeared in my dreams. Are you for real in the near future? If this going to be a flash-back/deja-vu from the past for the future ida, am scared to know that I know my path, and how my life going to be already.

It’s not going to be an easy path. I have to take the long road not taken. My happy ending is not like the typical boy meet girl, like each other, meet family, engaged, getting married, having child etc.

I might be jumble up the sequence to find happy ending. I am so scared of that. Well, to be frank.. my life has never been on the normal train ride. I run throughout the jungle, crawling and finding the water to direct me out from where I was. Metaphorically.

For whatever path am going to take from now on, from whatever thing am destiny to be. I leave it to God as He knows the best for me.

For my Maya, I can’t wait to meet you. I can’t wait to hold you in my arms and love you unconditionally.

this is the excerpt from one of the website :
Dreams about daughter- to see your daughter in child stage signifies that you are going to experience positive change in life; it can be new job, new member in family or change in career. This also interprets that you are going to receive blessing from god to achieve the most desirable thing in your wake life.

I love this dream interpretation for now.

Oh btw, i dreamt of my son few years back & his name is Mikhael.

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