A sedan. a B-segment.


Please do not follow my steps in dealing with loan and bank. I made my first mistake by taking a 9 year full car loan under the graduate scheme loan. it is the easiest for the fresh graduate to get a car, and as for my situation, i have no one to help me with the downpayment of the car. So, i was in distress, caught up in the situation where I got nobody to help me with. I have to take the full loan for the car. The car am driving now.

but it turn out to be, i will be as broke as the first day am taking the car into my possession until the end of 9 years term. I still have no downpayment for the next car, as the 9 years loan will squeeze me dry, and on top of that, I’ll keep on losing money over the years since car value depreciate exponentially.

I need to get out of this hell-hole pronto. Or else, i’ll be slaving myself over non-profitable loan.

and, i think it’s about time to switch to the 4-door sedan with the ISOFIX child seat mount. OK, not that am getting married or having child, but once you grow older, you’ll start thinking of what the car is all about and how safe it is for you, and for people surrounding you. and even people that going to be in your life in the future.

I love my satria neo. I had fun driving it fun, dangerous and efficiently. But 2-doors is not so nice for a 30 years old anymore. Isn’t it? unless it is Audi R8 2 doors (hell yeah), or Land Rover Evoque (drool.. slurp..). Don’t get me started over bmw M3. Grrrr.

I am going to be 30 years old professional working lady next year.

But, since am barely earn my minimum wage here, I can not afford a more spacious, more 2L car with touch screen, 8 speakers, navigational-installed, leather seat, classy-looking rimmed car. I can’t go back to produa or proton. I got my first car, perodua kelisa 1.0 manual way back in 2004. Then I got my Proton Satria Neo 1.6 manual in angry looking shiny back in 2011.

From compact car, to sport looking compact car. DO I need to stuck in the compact car all my life? No right. But then again, i can’t afford A3. I can’t even afford A-class. Let alone, 3-series or even Evoque. I can just dream, and read about the specification and it’s powerfulness in motor-article or even youtube. That’s all i can afford for now.

I know, I should be living within my means. and my means is only for the sub-100 car. sub-100 means car that cost below 100,000.00 MYR. Oh darn, I should be looking at the sub-80 car.

I need to save money to save for my house downpayment too. and, guess what? a landed terrace houses in Semenyih cost about 1 million now. It’s fucking semenyih !! It’s like, further away than Jinjang from Kuala Lumpur. LOL. If you get the old KL people joke.

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