Mardi-Maeps Trail Run 2014

Am currently at Mardi-Maeps trail run 2014. i supposed to join the 12km women open category but due to knee injury 2 weeks ago, i refrain myself from doing so. But i am still here supporting my colleagues running. There are 5 of them including the immediate family.
So here i am, hanging out at the finishing line, waiting for them to come back.
I can’t review their route, as am not running. So, here are the few images around the starting point/finishing line.
Thr stage, cool looking yellow arch balloons?

18km flag off
12km flag off
Starting/finishing point
Feature event wall
People runningg
Ok thats about it for now. am saving my knee for hasuu tasu.

Hmmm i should be thinking of what trail shoes i should be getting next.

Have a nice sunday ya all!!

Landscape architect runner post-run

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