Original Bootcamp Malaysia, KLCC

As you all know, or perhaps those who follows me in Facebook, I recently team up a group (of 7) for the upcoming 20km obstacle course of Viper Challenge (VC) this November 2014 at Sepang International Circuit.

Yes. 20km. Obstacles. Me. Sounds fun huh. I am signing a death contract ! OMFG.

So, few days ago, I received an email from the VC regarding their trial week of the bootcamp session in all of their venues. Me and my friend were keen initially to join the bootcamp at KLCC when we saw em doing their thing at the park while we were jogging/running. But the idea vanished when i join the gym. Obviously, yes gym is good but I have nobody to push me there. and, here I am, stagnant and putting more kilos than ever before.


back to the email received, it’s an invitation to try on their bootcamp thingy. We signed up for the PM thursday at KLCC park.

The result?

Oh boy, I never been so dirty (with mud and sort), ever in the most upscale and metropolitan KL. Yes, team workout is good. At least I push myself to the point, I can’t even do push up or squat anymore. We did the TRX workout as well during the session.


Look at our running/gym shoes. muddy! Sia baru cuci tu newton shoes, terus kotor balik. haiyoo

Phew. It was a fun, and challenging (and muddy) session. My shoes never been so dirty. and pungkoq is sore the next day. (*pungkoq is the northern dialect word for butt).

I want to challenge myself to a 2-months/8 weeks of bootcamp.

I dare you to do the same.

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