2014 resolution

It’s been a tough 2013 for me. Jumping like a bunny from one place to another, securing job and trying to settle life, 2013 shows an extreme up and down for me, the biggest challenges so far in my life. There are things I need to prioritize and there are things that i just drop it off, as am not wanting to take that path anymore. 

Usually, I’ll be excited in December as I finally can review that I’ve been planning to achieve for the year, I guess this year, I don’t feel that kind of excitement. I don’t know.

So, here goes. 

1. To be serious about my PhD. yes, been lacking and fooling around (and procrastinate a lot) last year. Truth is am still unsure of why should I go to this path, but since there’s no turning back, am walking forward in 2013 with PhD 🙂

No, I drop the idea and move to KL for career advancement. I figure it out that I wanted to focus on career in design consultancy instead of taking another 10 years of studying. Yes, I can do part time but who am I to fool myself when I don’t even have enough time for myself with this design work.


2. Travel moreeeeee !! This resolution going to stay in my life forever !! I am heading to Macau/Hongkong for 10days in January. Am hoping for more adventurous travel. I am planning to have a hiking travel from Kathmandu to the Everest substation, a month of backpacking in Europe, exploring exotic islands around Thailand, Indian oceans, and so on. I want to have a romantic gateway to Bora-bora or Boracay, Philippines. Trip to New Zealand !! But as for this year, let’s play by ears. Let you guess where I’ll be this year. Oh am so loving exploring new things, and places 🙂 

I managed to go to Singapore, Hongkong, Macau, Melbourne & Tasmania, Australia this year. Nothing to be excited about. I still love to travel here there, but. Oh well.

3. To execute resolution no 3, I need to save more money. Thinking of opening up account and buying shares 🙂 shall start searching for property for investment and sort 🙂

Bought shares. Still looking for property for investment. Saving money for house deposit. or whatever.

4. Career jump this year?!? Definitely !!

Yep. Moved to KL and currently working in one of the landscape architecture firm in KL. 

5. To be actively fit. I mean, fucking fit helluva bitch. Sorry fo being impolite, but I just signed up for 17km Malakoff Penang run, Xterra 11km trail run putrajaya, definitely penang bridge marathon for half marathon perhaps?! Swimming effort to master it to continue. And to start on learning to dive?

17km Malakoff Penang, 11km trail run Xterra, 12km Men’s Health run, 10km Borneo International Marathon, 10km Salomon xtrail run, 8km 2XU compression run, 10km Adidas King of the Road, and 21km half marathon for Penang Bridge International Marathon. Phew that’s a lot of achievement this year. 

6. To love more, give more, and expect less. Trying to volunteer, or to keep the earth in a sustainable effort way by minimizing and reducing waste. Wow, talking about being environmentalist 🙂

Well, am just trying to be a good citizen by, refusing plastic bag, etc. Volunteer-wise not achieved.

7. Drink MORE water !! Reduce sugar & salt intake, maintain my C cup boobies (yes, finally!!), but need to tone more for other part of the body. The rest, am grateful for what I have now 🙂 ain’t plastic surgery or whatever. I love my button nose and big smile. That’s me. Love me or hate me, I love myself 🙂 try, if you want to love me. You’ll be surprised 🙂

Not drinking enough water. Still high sugar & salt intake. 

8. To concentrate on having fun as much as I can. Not to think about the big M or babies or sort. Am the awesome aunt Ida (similar to aunt robin in how I met your mother, but ..)

Fun? more like more struggle this year.

So, that’s it. Achieved something, not achieving few things too.

What I anticipated next year? I hope for few things to achieve:

1. To select people that worth keeping, and letting go those who don’t appreciate me. I mean, friends that will do anything for you, and friends that only be there for me when it is convenience to them. I had enough of trying to be a good friend to them, and they stood me up.

2. To control my food intake. I shall plan my meal, eat healtily, and cook my lunch on weekend. Reduce eating out. Am talking about control calories, and reduce my food expenses. On top of that, need to reduce those cocktails and stuff.They are high in sugar and calories. Drinking more water. I think I’ll get some sort of sugar-blocker or whatever shit. 

3. To build my stamina for full marathon. Next year event, i’ll have 17km Newton Penang Challenge, 11km & 22km Xterra World Championship, the anticipated-ultimate 28km Hasuu Tasu Trail run at Kundasang/Ranau, Sabah and a 42km full marathon towards the end of the year, probably Standard Chartered KL Marathon. I’ll never stop participating any extreme challenge, at least these keep me going in life.

4. To get back to my 52kg body without losing my c-cup boobs. Though challenge on how to do this but, yeah. I’ll try.

5. Need to live within my means, and start planning my finance. I’ll keep 10% of what am getting every month for my house deposit or whatever. 

6. To travel more. Anywhere. Everywhere. With friends or alone. 

7. Work-wise. Need to improve on my design, and running projects. Need to open my eyes more for latest trend and design. Need to travel more to see the world in order to expand my horizon.

8. I used to be invisible. I celebrate everything alone. That changed when I move to Penang, I have good circle of friends & colleagues that we always celebrate birthday, christmas, CNY, and any other occasion together. I don’t feel invisible anymore where there are friends around. I don’t want to feel that invisible anymore, but since i moved to KL, I’ve become invisible again. Need to find good circle of friends that can move around, talk and chat, laugh and do outdoor activities together, like running, picnic, watching movies etc.

9. Love? I just hope my heart heal. and am ready to change myself and be the old, positive beaming ida i used to know. Am black and dark now, and full of hatred.

10. I should spend time more with my parents. I miss them like crazy. When I’m gone broke, yesterday. They willingly helping me without being ask for. and mom said, don’t hesitate to ask for help if I can’t survive living here. I love her.That is mother’s unconditional love. The greatest love of all. Probably moving back to KK? 



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