December dilemma

I’m officially broke this month. I just collected my car from the workshop for the repair & paint due to the accident, paid my bills and am due my phone & fitness membership. If am paying for both, i barely have less than a thousand to survive for the rest of the month. that thousand need to cover for fuel and toll. I know am not good at managing my finance, but then again, don’t we all?

I won’t be going out for the rest of the month, I’ll just celebrate xmas at home drinking tea and watching hindi movies. I don’t even have money for lunch now, let alone dinner. I have to eat the overdue salad in my fridge, and just drinking water instead of coffee. 

Yes, am in bad shape. Blame me for my generosity of spending things for friends and some worth spending money for, like the recent wedding. Am happy for the couple. but some other friends doesn’t even being appreciative. I was stood up when I already bought cakes for the birthday. Yah. It’s cupcake actually, and am giving it to my colleagues and everyone. Should have sold it so i can make money. It’s time to filter out friends that worth keeping, and worth letting go. 

Apart from that, nothing much happening to me. Not in the mood to do anything, and not looking forward to 2014 because I don’t know what will happened to me. Lost hope, yes.

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