December is back

People keep on asking me, why don’t i commercialize my blog? i mean I get great amount of reader on monthly average and this blog has been there for more than 6 years, I could earn millions by every click on my page/post. But no, this is a non-profit blog where I am willingly share all my views and emotion to everyone for free. 

I just hope everyone benefit on how or where to go, what to look for, or just want to know my updates. Please do not misuse all the information i shared to blackmail me, to threaten or even for your profit.

You can refer my blog as guide but, i hate it when people steal my image without my permission. Yes, I don’t watermark any of the images, and it is easily searchable through google images and sort, but please refer to my link/blog if you want to repost it. 

I’ve experience a few and, i do not hesitate to complain, to the google or whatever, to take down any images from your site. Been there, done that. 

and yes, my dear reader, I’ll try to activate back this blog with more interesting urm, post. Like where to eat in KL, or Penang, or where ever I’ve been to. 

But at the moment, am caught up in work and trying to sort out myself, and my direction. 

It’s december after all. Time to contemplate & review my resolution.

Keep watching this space for more! 

Thanks & regards,



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