Salomon X-trail Run 2013

Haha. yes. this is another round of running-post. I joined the 2013 Salomon x-trail run at MARDI, Serdang yesterday. It is a trail running, off-road track and it’s pretty much challenging where, you’ll be challenged in elevation and yes, those 45 degrees slope are calves killer. OMFG.


For this run, I wore my fivefingers for trail running/hiking/off-road track. it’s softer and has better grip if you want to sprint down the hill in balance.


I think it’s about 2500 participants in this run. They can’t take more than the carrying capacity allowed.


One of the downhill. I was catching my breath after climbing up and snap this photo


The first hill. oh boy, my calves are tightening when running uphill


We’re with out finisher medal. yes, same running crowd



Not to my liking ( i still love my bayau medal though!), but this is my 9th medal for this year 🙂


I met my sabahan friends!! oh credit to my fren’s hubby for the photo 🙂

Up next, my highlight of 2013 : Penang Bridge International Marathon 2013, I’ll be running in half marathon category.




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