2XU compression run 2013 – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Today, I managed to run 8 horrible km starting from Padang Merbok, Kuala Lumpur and guess what, it’s one of the toughest route, ever. the undulating route heading to Kenny Hill, got me to control my breathing while jogging. 

I made a breakthrough during this run, I managed to slow-pace jog myself for as long as i can, without having the urge to sprint everytime. Am not a long distance runner. I prefer to sprint. However, I did managed to control my breathing and pace, even with the 1:7 gradient route. I pace-run, alternate between jogging and walking in the 60-30 seconds split, and I managed to pull through. 

Guess what? I managed to run at 7.50mins/km. Amazing. I know, am not a runner, but this is my personal results, and am proud of it 🙂 weeee.


Same group with additional new running crew


Ex-USM, ex-HBP, and ex-JOA. LOL.


Met my favourite Sabahan couple !! and they sang ‘macam di KK’ to surprise me. made my day !!


Finisher medal for 8KM and 15km 🙂






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