Sharing doesn’t mean its caring

Am so tempted to link this blog to all my social networks but I refrain myself from doing so, as I don’t feel safe writing when people i know read about what I’ve been babbling about (except close friends that know about the existence of this blog), there will  be a lot of dramas & issues arises. I can’t stop writing (or blogging) about anything. Nobody can stop me from expression of freedom. It is my thoughts, my thinking, my review and it’s up to you to accept it, or not. 

Take it or leave it. I don’t need reason to justify whatever I feel, or write here. It is MY opinion. MY say. MY feel. MY thinking.

Then again, I don’t want people to get offended by me. You shouldn’t get offended by me. If you are, then you are not respecting my view, right? 

Am broke. I paid my room rental, medical card insurance premium, car installment, paid freaking expensive car battery ( I got ripped off – RM378 at Taman Desa workshop). Everything amounting 3K and it’s just on the second of September.

How am I going to survive September? Tell me please. 

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