Guess what? Am part of the family now. Woohooo!! nah.. am saying about the arrival of my ikea family card. I managed to get the 200 points in order to convert my temporary membership to the permanent ones, and I got the card today. Kindly refer my instagram for photo.  

Anyway, it’s tuesday and I absolutely love yesterday. Don’t ask. I just love monday. Grin. I managed to get job done for today and managed to get my leave approved for this upcoming, another bigger oversea trip ! Wooh. I know, I wouldn’t be able to go to Europe this year, but I managed to conquer Hong Kong/Macau and soon, the southern hemisphere. Wooh. 

I managed to get my electronic travel authority approved. It’s sort of like a visa, but you don’t need those huge sticker to paste it to your passport. Anyway, managed to get local flight booked too. Am going to see the devils this upcoming trip. Woooh. Let me just hush till the day come.

Apart from that, I so want to buy my own loft/studio. I can’t wait to furnish my loft with great stuff. I can’t wait to create my own homeeeeee. 

Doesn’t matter home created from marriage, or whatsoever, but am fine living on my own. and I just can’t wait to get my own loft. 

I would love to buy furniture. Textiles such as lotsa bedsheet, bedspread, throw, kitchen towel, curtain, table runner, table cloth! ahhhh. Awesome..

I can’t wait to buy my own kitchen utensil!! you know i have the gourmet eye. LOL. I can’t wait to shop for my oven, and microwave. I want the cooker hood to be as elegant as ever. Ahhh, black granite kitchen counter top. Island counter, with sink and stove. Gosh. I wanna buy fridge big enough for me to get in. Hahahaha.

I can’t wait to get my comfy couch, with awesome coffee table. I want to throw lotsa pillows and throw, so you can cuddle up while watching TV. I want to get a nice, lovely bookcase, to shelf all my landscape architecture books. Yes, all in hard covers.  

I can’t wait to have my own toilet, so i can put all my toileteries, lotsa towels, and variety of flowery shower gels. Ah.

I can’t wait to get my own balcony. So i can plant my own flowers and vegetables. and herbs!

I can’t wait to host dinner or weekend brunch with my bunch of friends. I can’t wait to create a gracely atmosphere, where friends get together over awesome food.

I can’t wait to cook and bake for everyone. I think I’ll cook/bake every weekend and send over stuff to my friends or homeless people. I can’t wait.

So, to create a home, you don’t need to wait to meet your other half, your significant others. As long as, you can create an ambience where you are comfortable in, and create lotsa love within a space, that’s what you called home.

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