(trying) to be up and running

I supposed to make a video blog as i tweeted yesterday but until now i have yet to have courage to actually do that. More over, i need to use my macbook pro to make the video, I’ve been online from iphone and ipad only all these while. OK, i’ll try to make my first entry by this weekend.

Phew. Borneo International Marathon results is out, good thing is am 210 out of 850 for the 10km category. Means I’m in the first 30%. Bad news is my timing is gone. 8 mins per km is way too slow. Anyway, that’s that. I didn’t put my heart in the run this time too. Oh well.

The next run going to be next week, at Putrajaya. The Men’s Health 12km night run. I am going to collect the race pack tomorrow for me and my colleagues. I hope I can beat Merdeka traffic. It’s near Pudu area. Maybe I’ll take public transportation.

I am trying to get bib transfer for Standard Chartered KL Marathon too, let’s see if they are willing to let go their bib, and I’ll be running as british girl, or chinese girl. hahaha.

OH, guess what, i rock the gym last night with my new shorts and my BIM shirt. I did the longest cardio with the cardio wave machine. Powerful stuff. Not many gym carry that equipment. I wanna go again tonight.

Gosh. Need to lose few kg is tough. Especially with mentally weak person like me.

and manja too.

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