The last 25


Hey everyone! How’s the new week treating you all? Great I hope. I’ve been shutting myself to the world since the tournament due to overdue work on completing my thesis. I am WAY behind schedule. Been keying data into the excel spreadsheet (and this take forever, I tell you), and now I am copy/paste all the data into the SPSS program. Yep, I’m running excel on my mac and at the same time running SPSS on virtual windows. I am practically switching between mac and windows. Thank god for virtualization, I can run windows xp on mac as another program, and not as a stand alone OS like running it from Apple Bootcamp. I’ll die standing!

Bestie just called when the clock ticking at 12, singing a happy birthday to me. Ha,ha. She is one day early. Ah, I hope she can come to Penang and I can celebrate with her. The great one won’t be driving up to Penang to celebrate it with me this year. So, I would probably spending my day working on my thesis and tennis training at night (only if I feel like it, don’t feel like meeting certain someone this week).

Apart from that, I’ve been trying to exfoliate, maintain my skin as I am 5 shades darker now (and drier). Been putting lotsa moisturizer. I look like fried prawn. Horrible tanned. Served me right. Should opt for indoor games. Noted. Been putting on my anti-blemishes moisturizer, eye serum, genifique youth activator as well as my 3-step clinique. Gosh. I even put on the mederma to reduce the appearance of my acne scarring. I’ve been having breakouts for the past few weeks. Hormonal imbalance? I think so.

i’m running out of idea on what to write. I need to continue in transferring my data from excel to SPSS.

Wish me luck. Have a great day ahead everyone!

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