Merdeka day

Hey everyone! It’s merdeka day & how are you appreciating your nation’s independence day? Club? fireworks? I spent my merdeka eve by cuddling my pillows and watching new girl series. Before that, i tapau salmone fettucine and a bottle of Saint clair white from my favourite italian shop here in KL. lovely. I got calls, asking me out for club hopping, lets paint Changkat red and white (malaysian flag hahaha), but i turn them down. I can’t bear the traffic: vehicles and human traffic. I just want to be with my own self.

Woke up early and went to the malaysian olympic council, to collect my race pack for the shape night run putrajaya next weekend, and drove myself to solaris dutamas for breakfast. All by myself.

Am waiting for my atlantis now. I’ll blog about it later. Its one of the hottest cafe here for breakfast. Imagine u have a waiting list for breakfast and people still wait.

How awesome the breakfast goin to be. And yes, the food justified the waiting list.


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