Weekend :)

Good morning everyone! It’s the first Saturday of the year and am blessed to have wake up to the beautiful weather here in Penang. Never been so blessed, as I woke up, to the nice grateful feeling that I have everything here, love, friends, things to do, beautiful heritage architecture, awesome hawker food, and so on.

I am here at one of my favorite coffee shop, called Lighthouse Coffee, at Logan st, Georgetown. I think I have blogged about this before. I am here just to have my quick English breakfast (nothingness brag about but enough to last me till lunch) and a flat white. I have always been a long black, never a flat white. This is the first time i m having flat white, and according to my close friend, this shop has d best flat white so far, in penang. So I am drinking it now, digesting and remembering the taste and this will be the benchmark and/or baseline for the more flat white in the future.

Nothing much happening this weekend, I am just going to spend my quality time alone, here. Just a free and easy weekend (no plane to catch, party to crash, dinner to attend, and whatsnot), I am going to start to plan for my phd. Phew. Good start Ida (pat own back).

But before that, am gonna catch a friend for the famous char koey teow at Lorong selamat, near her newly opened bakery. Woohoo.

Oh, btw, we went for saree shopping last night at little India. I intended to buy lengha saree for the wedding dinner in KL (sorry peeps, I’m not the bride), but the shop keep on suggesting me those fabrics, gold and red that normally worn by the bride. Hahaha.

I was torn between the turquoise and the peach color. Turquoise is my favorite color but peach looks sweet to me. I chose peach in the end. Trying to be modest, in the grand scale wedding in KL. oh, good plan Ida. Hahahaha. Can’t wait for the tailor to complete his job, I wanna try my ready made saree.

I used to have d black one, with gold stones n all, but that one u need to traditionally tie it. The ready made is so so simple, and easy to wear, and you don’t need to worry about anything. Wooh.


Have a blissful weekend everyone !! xx

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