Welcoming awesome 2013

Happy new year to everyone !! Well, how’s 2013 treating you guys so far? Good? I had a modest drinking & pub hopping with friends on New Year’s Eve around Straits Quay. Well, I prefer to spend my new year alone, or with the love ones but, a change in the norm things to do still do me good.

Had too much mixture, a cocktail capirinha cranberry to start with, followed by whiskey, wine and pints of Guinness. Yeah, I still can drive home afterwards. A ill bit tipsy tho, even my girlfriend a ill bit high, we hit McDonald’s gurney afterwards as both me & Val were starving.

Anyway, that’s that. For the 2013 resolution, below to recap my 2012 resolution:
1. To register as PhD candidate, to firm up my proposal, getting that science grant, patented my idea and to come up with first prototype by end of the year 2012;
officially registered as PhD candidate, but definitely need to expeditethings to get moving, patent? Carry forward to 2013 🙂

2. To travel more. I mean, more than 2011. Been to 3 countries in 2011. I wish for more traveling in 2012 🙂
oh I’ve been a traveling butterfly in 2012!! I was in Jakarta, Indonesia, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah in January; Cameron Highland in February, Phuket, Thailand in April, Munich, Germany, Doha, Qatar, Singapore in May, endles to and fro to Kuala Lumpur, Hadyai & Koh Lipe, Thailand, Phuket,Thailand for the second time in a year, Medan, Indonesia & uncounted local travelling. Ahh. Lovely!

3. To save more money. Yes, I am a huge spender. I spend my kaching unwisely. It’s time to go back to my old financial planning plan. To save more & allocate some for the investment (and unit trust), to pay all my study loan by 2014!!
I am still a huge spender!! But am saving 10% of my earning monthly for future, and I max out my ASB unit trust !! Need to find way to save more money though

4. To jump to second job once I am stable with PhD thingy, and appropriate working experience in Penang. I am thinking of going back to KL, or Singapore? Still surveying the job prospect
this to carry forward to 2013, I feel that 2 years experience is still not enough to get that huge jump, and seriously thinking of KL and/or Singapore, or wherever am destined to be

5. To register as graduate landscape architect (I hope I can do this, due to unforeseen circumstances of usm graduate, please have mercy on us. We did fair time of studying landscape architecture and studio works too, we came from different degree background that make us even special than those who graduated with a bachelor in landscape architecture). I am just saying;
I’ll seriously will walk in to the ilam office and confront them, this year.

6.To have more fun, fun, F U N;
oh yeah!! 2012 a whole lot of fun stuff!! I feel blessed and grateful for all

7. Run more, tennis more, dance more, it’s time to learn how to get over the fear of water, and swim;
yes baby, I nailed hiking challenge, penang bridge marathon. Am aiming for something more bigger than 2012 in 2013!! 🙂 I nailed swimming too, I can snorkel aloneeee 🙂

9. To make my parents happy/proud. Should be going back to KK often too;
I think they are proud of me, just that I need to go back to KK often. They probably missing me too much. Awww.

10. Health wise: more moisturized skin, to drink more water, eat more fruits & veggie, more white meat and less red meat, reduce in oily & processed food;
err I kinda lack in this resolution. got to put more effort this year though LOL

11. To get more creative. To make perfect of my drafting skills, acquiring more construction knowledge. To learn how to sketch better and to polish on my watercolor skills.
oh beat me in 3d now, or design (vain mode on). I need more experience to perfect my construction knowledge though

that’s it for 2012, so what’s in store fo me this 2013!? 🙂 *grinnnn

1. To be serious about my PhD. yes, been lacking and fooling around (and procrastinate a lot) last year. Truth is am still unsure of why should I go to this path, but since there’s no turning back, am walking forward in 2013 with PhD 🙂

2. Travel moreeeeee !! This resolution going to stay in my life forever !! I am heading to Macau/Hongkong for 10days in January. Am hoping for more adventurous travel. I am planning to have a hiking travel from Kathmandu to the Everest substation, a month of backpacking in Europe, exploring exotic islands around Thailand, Indian oceans, and so on. I want to have a romantic gateway to Bora-bora or Boracay, Philippines. Trip to New Zealand !! But as for this year, let’s play by ears. Let you guess where I’ll be this year. Oh am so loving exploring new things, and places 🙂

3. To execute resolution no 3, I need to save more money. Thinking of opening up account and buying shares 🙂 shall start searching for property for investment and sort 🙂

4. Career jump this year?!? Definitely !!

5. To be actively fit. I mean, fucking fit helluva bitch. Sorry fo being impolite, but I just signed up for 17km Malakoff Penang run, Xterra 11km trail run putrajaya, definitely penang bridge marathon for half marathon perhaps?! Swimming effort to master it to continue. And to start on learning to dive?

6. To love more, give more, and expect less. Trying to volunteer, or to keep the earth in a sustainable effort way by minimizing and reducing waste. Wow, talking about being environmentalist 🙂

7. Drink MORE water !! Reduce sugar & salt intake, maintain my C cup boobies (yes, finally!!), but need to tone more for other part of the body. The rest, am grateful for what I have now 🙂 ain’t plastic surgery or whatever. I love my button nose and big smile. That’s me. Love me or hate me, I love myself 🙂 try, if you want to love me. You’ll be surprised 🙂

8. To concentrate on having fun as much as I can. Not to think about the big M or babies or sort. Am the awesome aunt Ida (similar to aunt robin in how I met your mother, but ..)

I want to write to no 9 but I feel contented with the awesome 8 for 2013. How about you?

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  1. Mos Ne says:

    Woohooo!!! Looky who’s back with an O-Sum list of resolutions! 😀
    After having nailed your last year resolution, you’ve well raised the bar for 2013. 😀

    Haha! Reading through your last year resolutions, the only one which I oso thought you probably need to work on was more on healthy eating :p For the rest, sure you kicked some big asses. :p I know you can do it for healthier lifestyle in 2013. (And come play tennis more often when

    free. Maybe doubles tennis matches in an upcoming ATP tournament, representing Environment-lovers!? :p) Hahaha

    You know what, you never cease to amaze me with your creative and funny resolutions which speak of your free soul, open mind, and

    wandering attitude (in a good way!). Hehe! That’s simply amazing.
    More travels? Backpacking to Europe? Ah I so wanna do this. I def. wamma backpack to France (and perhaps some other countries nearby in


    Saving money was in my 2012 resolutions and likewise, I so nailed it. This shall continue in 2013. Travelling-wise, I visited Rio (Brazil) [Ah I

    loved that place], the lovely KK (your hometown is one of my favorites for sure, especially the Shangri-La’s Sunset Bar on a Sunday evening!

    Bliss!], KL & Ipoh (still good to visit some local cities here and there for me :p). Gonna visit Bali in January and definitely some more destinations in 2013 including le Paris! 🙂

    Healthwise, I’m gonna continue my healthy lifestyle (going regularely to gym, and taking care of personal health).
    2013 is also gonna be a time to refresh some of my old knowldge on languages (review my German and continue to master French). Perhaps go for Spanish? I’d love to! Definitely one day (not a priority yet)! I’m gonna continue to expand my network of good friends and be a kind-hearted person. And regarding the big M, I really hope this year I can meet my Ms. Right. Perhaps because I am getting old :p hehe! So better don’t procrastinate on this. I have faith God will help me to find the right person. 🙂
    And yeah, another thing I am so looking forward to is to obtain some professional Certificates (e.g. Six Sigma, Sustainability Specialist, PMP, etc.) gradually in 2013 and onwards. And I shall sit for my French Advanced C1 DALF Exam, and last but not least, get my PHD Certificate! Not to mention that work-wise, I wanna continue to grow and reach what I deserve. Yeah baby 😀
    Wooohoooo! Ima rock 2013.
    I know you will too!
    Wishing you a FUNtastic, prosperous and blissful year ahead IDa! Enjoy 2013, take lots of picca and post your inspiring stories here with us.

    1. anggun3 says:

      Hey mos! Happy new year to you too!! Hope 2013 treatin u good so far? 🙂

      Wow yours resolution just as awesome as mine, and that’s a lot of certificates to get this year! Well, I’m sure you’ll get it with closed eyes haha. Hmmm Bali in January? Goin there with the love ones? Winks.

      ahhh wish to have time to get back to the ATP, but yeah, you know how it is now with me. LOL

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