Travel bug

Hello guys! Am here at the Penang international airport, waiting for my flight to the island. ah. Such a dramatic weekend, couldn’t bother to spill it out here. I completed my job/task last night. I stayed till 11 pm to arrange everything so that when I’m on leave, my task won’t be a burden to anyone. Well, I am though. I don’t know, I feel like it.

Anyway, I’ll still be blogging when I am in Phuket whenever I have time to do so. I will be staying at this beautiful resort, slightly 200m away from hard rock. Beautiful! From the website picture. I will post it out here later when I come back.

I’ll be bringing my dslr too this time. I keep on forgetting my travel companion. Been neglecting him for month. Poor camera. Things that interest me keep on vanishing, throughout this year. Toxic, yes. Very toxic. I will be Ida again.

Apart from that, I can’t wait for my hong kong/Macau trip. A bigger group this time. There will be 8 of us. Ahhh. We will be spending 2 nights in Macau, visiting those Asian Vegas casino’s!! Oh, few new ones popping up. 🙂 and then 5 nights in Hong Kong & 1 night at Disneyland!!

It’s always my dream to visit a Disneyland. I know, am not from wealthy family to visit Disneyland in the US or even Japan. It’s very expensive and we can’t just afford it. But it doesn’t deprive me from dreaming to go there someday. Keep on dreaming, and make it come true somehow.

I think when my aunt saying that I am ‘pejalan’ upon seeing a small mole on my right foot. Or in the other words, I will travel a lot. 🙂 or can’t stay put. I don’t know. It’s up to your to believe it.

Anyway, please don’t miss me. I’ll be there. I’ll be everywhere.

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