Allianz Penang Bridge International Marathon 2011

Wooh. Finally made it! Supposed to run for the 2010 but I was stucked with the studio works (and the next day would be the final year studio presentation), I keep my aim to run for the next bridge marathon. I was injured 4 weeks ago for the shorter distance marathon at Youth Park/Botanical Garden, and i think my miniscus tear causing the knee pain. I can’t really do any sternous activity for more than an hour before the pain starts kicking in. I was worried and keep on telling myself that not to overdo for this marathon, or else I might have to undergo the knee surgery. Luckily, my knee supported my run all the way till kilometer 8 where I start limping and kilometer 9, where I can just walk. I ended my run in an hour and 20 minutes. Ah. Should have gone for the 10km marathon, I could get a medal!

Never mind, there’s always next time. And am thinking of pushing myself for the half marathon next year. It’s a 25 km run in say, 3 hours or less. Woooh. Yes, I am becoming a long-distance runner.

I’m lovin this! The only time you can actually run/walk at the bridge

2km to go and my knee start acting up. poor knee!

Me with the cert. No, no medal for the fun run 🙂

I rushed to the St John ambulance tent to get ice for the knee. teehee.

Look what’s inside my waist pack, a couple of power gel, my lip butter, my whole set of med, deep heat and all that

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