A thousand years

It was the best 4 months of my 2011 and I am going to cherish it forever, even it’s just a brief friendship. Like what I blog previously, I am anticipating a heartbreak this month, and it is creeping in slowly now. I got to be strong. I am stronger than I was before. I can handle this. I am not a little girl anymore. I am a women, independent woman that able to control her thoughts & feeling.

Silly of me to actually let my guard down when the fact I already know the card I am playing. Silly me to actually putting on hope. I try so very hard not to cry over it. No, ain’t making myself down & low. But I’m just a woman. I’m just being one.

A good friend of mine saying that it’s okay to embrace the feeling once a while, yes she’s right. At least, the cold hearted iDa is being true to herself this time instead of just being in denial. Thank you.

Chin up iDa. Keep wearing that pretty smile of yours. Wipe your tears. Look at the bright side. Embrace the feeling and slowly let it go, let it fly like a bird.

As of you my dear love. Yes, I have fallen for you, and I am so sorry I don’t guard my feeling well. You are too nice for me, and I like you because of that. Nothing less.  But I have to move on now.

What we shared is way beyond any imagination, no words can describe, I’ll keep it in my mind, and let if fold to small compartment in my heart.

Yeah right. I’m writing this as if I’m in a serious r. No, I am not. I’m just writing what I feel, fathom and experienced.

Another close friend of mine said to be strong, and get over it, my girlfriend, his girlfriend too said, it’s best for me to be steady. Maybe it’s time to visit them, but they are in KL.

My happy ending is not here yet. He has yet to come and get me.

Heartbeats fast, colors and promises, how to be brave, how can i love when I’m afraid to fall.

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