4th placing

Blogging from delicious, midvalley; i am having my time out alone and having dinner now. MASUM is finally over, everyone is going back to their respective hometown: indonesia, sarawak, johor, kedah, etc. I am still here, in limbo. Tryin to sort out my life, and trying to see where it will lead me to.

I had so much fun during the centralize training as well as the tournament. It’s been a while since I feel like I am part of something. It feels good. I even finally understand what are those stupid cheer meant for: to lift the team spirit. Yeah, i know.. I hate those thing when they force you to cheer, but then I realize that is how everyone come together and the spirit of togetherness as a team come about. I do truly enjoy and appreciate the brief friendship bonding on-court and off-court. I will cherish every moment spent together, every winning and losing, struggles to stay in a team and so on.

overall, I played once during the tournament. I played singles and won my first ever game at the tournament. I wasn’t listed for today’s game as there are better players available to battle with tougher opponent. I was all the way, outside the court cheering and trying to lift up the game spirit of my team mates as well as to be a photographer, water girl and othet miscellaneous stuff. I ain’t complaining though. I take it as a task for the team.
Anyway, since everything ended, we girls team managed to get to 4th place, but no medal for the university, are okay with it. Tough luck, hard work of the players should be given a credit to.

Standing ovation.

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