Bad investment

Ah. I’ve been reading on cars. It’s about time I get one. I’ve been on other people’s car most of the time, and i think it’s time for me to turn the steering wheel instead of just sitting at the passenger side. I also need car to move around here in Penang.

Yes, I did blog before that I want a chevolet camero bumble bee. I wish I could afford that. I wish that I come from a rich family, where I can easily get any car I want and not to worry of the monthly installment, but I guess I’m not that lucky. I have to struggle to get what I want, and that’s how I’ve been. So, luxury does not come through blood. It’s the hard work from your own sweat. Oh well, I ain’t complaining.

I’m not complaining that my friend is getting the 3-series either. I was a little bit envy at first, but I take it as a motivation to drive me further in life. I shall work hard (and smart) and I will someday drive a better car than that. Amen.

As of now, I need something that I is just able to bring me from point A to point B, has a monthly installment that is only used up to 20% of the total salary, and is decent enough to drive around Penang, and probably to drive to KL. Dad has given me a green light to get one, he said to get a better car. Better car by my means is the better specification, more expensive and those that I can’t really afford. Yes, I am quite frank here, I can’t afford anything that more than 50K. Oh how I wish to get married to a rich guy now. Ha ha. Yeah, right.

Anyway, I’m torn between the mystical or the latte. What do you think?

But being a Sabahan, I got a funny instinct that I should drive a d-max, or triton or even hilux here. mwhahaha. kasi lowered, hitam, and then alloy punya wheel, and tinted. hahaahaha.

In practical, all i need is the car that within my budget, that I can pay on my own. I can’t afford to dream about the camero, 3-series, IS250, In-stream as well as those compressor, coupe, TT, or even the 370z 😛

Let alone, the range rover or even passat. Or, hummer H3, or d 911 GT3. Hahahaha. OK. Enough now.

Car is actually a bad investment. Main contributor to carbon dioxide, monoxide and any other variant to the atmosphere and the value dropped into half once you purchase it. But it does make you move, a few kilometres in just a few minutes (as compared to walking on foot). So, I have no choice but to get one.

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