It’s only just a dream?


Sometimes you can’t really get what you really wanted. Either you don’t get it at all, or you have to negotiate with yourself to lower down to fulfill the minimum requirement. I know, life ain’t fair. There are no short cut for success. You have to have the fear, and the insecurities as well as focusing on what you really want in life, and go towards it. No matter how hard it is. If you are believe that something, you are going to get it. But the journey might lower down your spirit or you may lose your way toward your goal.

But that’s okay. To each his/her own. The decision I made, is very tough for me. I don’t know what life brings in the future. I don’t know how am I going to survive this jungle of capitalist. All I can do is to learn, learn and learn as much as I can before I’m 35, work hard/smart like I never work before, be humble and to be honest in everything. I can’t fly my wings yet. I just barely spread out the wing. I still have a long way to go to learn how to fly. A journey starts next month. I am awaiting to learn new things, to get things done, to networking, to go back to the rat race and to learn to be what my heart desire. This is it. This is the chance to prove to myself that I can finally learn how to fly. In the mean time, I hope everyone is doing alright by now.

Anyway, before new journey starts, I am enjoying my life and training here in the university.Day 2 still trying to improve the groundstrokes. It was a rally practice with the team today and the drill for aggressive attack. Hmm. Quite challenging, and I am trying very hard to master the stroke, and to be aggressive.

I can’t wait for tomorrow practice. We’re going to practice volley. 🙂

Okay, got to sleep early so that I can wake up early for an early jog at the stadium tomorrow. The coach imposed that we need to jog, to warm up every morning. I ain’t complaining. Weeee.

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