Best for last


Hey ya all! This is going to be a quick post as I need to get my sleep. Today is the first day of centralize training for usm masum team. I am in the tennis team, FYI. Ha ha. I am excited and I can’t wait to improve my strokes, and game so that I can excel in the upcoming tournament. The training will be divided into 3 session: morning, evening and probably at night. So, I will be spending most of my time at the tennis court, under the scorching sun. I need a lot of sunscreen to protect myself from the sun and also a lot of liquid to hydrate myself. Yep.

It is only day one, but I got a good feeling this is going to be one of the most enjoyable experience in my varsity life. It is tough, to increase my skills up to the varsity level. I am still a baby when it comes to this, but I am sure I can make it through. woohooo!

Anyway, life after kota kinabalu has been on the fast pace; there’s so many things happened and i don’t even have time to update ya all here but all I can say is, that future slowly taking place, and based on these.. decision being made, accordingly. I do use my head and heart while on deciding on what I am going to do in life. I hope I am able to pull through, and to be contented in every step I take.

Somebody has been missing me while I’ve gone back home. As usual, no words being directly said to me but I am smart enough to read the body language. So I am fathom with the fact, and just stay quiet, and smiled.

I am quite shocked too when I inspire people to follow their dream. I was quite shocked with the news given to me, that to drop everything and to chase the dream, and I sorta included in part of the plan. I was in awe.

I hope that my plan and the other plan will intervene and run in parallel. Along with other miscellaneous (wink, wink). I was given a no-no, and should stay in Penang when I said that I might apply for job outside Penang (i.e. KK, KL, JB, etc). So, I am still thinking and deciding on what’s next.

Whatever it is, shall take a baby step at a time. As of now, let me enjoy my 3 weeks intensive training, and my tournament by end of this month. The rest of it, let’s talk about it in july okay?

I told my love ones about some part of the plan, and their only concern is that when I am coming back home for good. I almost tearing down, while on the phone walking to the tennis court, but I brace myself and hold on the tears and said to myself, I am an adult. I can take care of myself already, at this age. So I should suck it up and rub dirt on it.

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